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Selecting the Right Fixtures: Part 1

You’ve probably seen the beauty that landscape lighting and architectural lighting can have on the curb appeal of homes. Perhaps you’re ready to make the move to owning your own outdoor lighting system, but you don’t know where to start.

In Part 1, we will discuss using the correct lighting fixture depending on your objective:

1. The front of the home: use up lights (also known as well lights) to spread light evenly across the home.

2. Avoiding dark spots on dormers and peaks: use spot lights from across the yard positioned above the line of sight to add light to dark dormers or peaks. Alternately, install lights in the gutters.

3. Sidewalks and steps: use path lights at the right height to throw light down on walkways and steps.

4. Ornamental plants and sculptures: use flood lights mounted a good distance from the object to allow light to reach.

5. Trees: determine whether you want light to go up or down the tree. A well light in the ground is suitable for up lighting trees. Down lighting or moon lighting requires a tall ladder and a fixture that is sealed from the back side to prevent water from getting into the fixture.

Check back into our blog to see Part 2 of Selecting the Right Fixture for your lighting system.

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