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Light The Way Home With Subdivision Entrance Lighting

More likely than not, there’s a sign posted outside of your neighborhood letting passersby know its name and giving them a sneak peek into what kind of home and environment you live in. Why not shine a spotlight on it and dress it up with gorgeous, professional outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus?

It’s not just about making a good impression on people who are passing through. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, subdivision entrance lighting is one of the most important ways to light the way home for a variety of visitors. Think about your kids or grandkids driving home at night – professional outdoor lighting helps them see the Columbus subdivision entrance long before the turn without creating a bright or blinding driving distraction. First-time guests will also be sure they’ve arrived at the right place when your neighborhood’s entrance is decked out with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus subdivision entrance lighting.

Another benefit of professional outdoor lighting? Well-lit areas are far less likely to be targeted for crime and vandalism than those without some lighting fixtures. Think about it – if you’re a teenager looking to get into trouble, are you going to target the neighborhood with a bright, well-kept subdivision entrance? Or the dimly-lit areas that look like nobody’s paying attention. Install Columbus subdivision entrance lighting today; it’s one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to boost your entire neighborhood’s security.

Want to check out some of our Columbus subdivision entrance lighting work? We just finished relamping 60 fixtures in two entrances at Coventry Woods in Dublin. Our outdoor lighting professionals inspected their Columbus neighborhood entrance and crafted a one-of-a-kind look that brings out the best not only in their signage and landscaping but helps represent the responsible homeowners and beautiful homes behind it.

We also helped them make the jump from traditional halogen bulbs – which have a tendency to burn out and need maintenance/replacement fairly frequently – to Columbus LED outdoor lighting. Not only does their neighborhood have a brighter, more balanced look, Columbus LED outdoor lighting actually helps save money with lower electricity costs and fewer replacements. If your Columbus subdivision entrance lighting needs to be up all night – and we recommend letting it run from sunset to dawn to be fully effective – Columbus LED outdoor lighting is likely a smart upgrade for you.

Not all Columbus subdivision entrance lighting is the same. If your neighborhood features stonework, walls, big or unique trees and other landscaping, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can help bring out the best and make a stunning first impression for the entire neighborhood.