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Columbus Outdoor Lighting Techniques for Unique Spaces

Maples, Buckeyes, Dogwoods, Magnolias, Crabapples, Birches and Oaks. All these species of trees, among others, are very popular here in Columbus. And each species not only looks different, has different limitations and attractive attributes, but should also be lit differently with Columbus outdoor lighting to truly bring out their best, show off their intricate textures and enhance the look of your entire property at night.

Tree lighting may seem like a simple technique, and to some installers who do not specialize in outdoor lighting; it may be a simple job of aiming a spotlight at the tree. But to professional outdoor lighting designers like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, tree lighting is more of an art. The combination of various fixtures with different beam spreads and placing the fixtures in the proper place brings out the unique attributes of each species of tree. A fixture placed too far away will not illuminate the entire tree. A fixture placed too close will leave a “hot spot” on the trunk and will take away from the overall effect.

Pathway Lighting

Our expertise in lighting Columbus’ trees and other outdoor living spaces shows in not only the types of fixtures we use to get the perfect effect but also the techniques we utilize. With traditional tree lighting, a fixture is installed in the ground, grazing its trunk to display the texture of the bark, up to the crown to bring out the colors and size at night. But, on the right type of tree, another technique often works well where we install a fixture within the branches to cast light down through the leaves and onto the ground. We recently installed this type of lighting technique for a client in a grassy play area around their pool. The space was used to play games like bocce ball and horseshoes. Placing a fixture on the ground would have not only created a tripping hazard, but the light beam from the fixture would have also been in the direct site of the players’ eyes. So instead, we used our LED stick light with an adjustable knuckle and placed it in a small tree near the area. Because the solid copper lighting fixture was small and lightweight, it was inconspicuously hidden in the tree, shining light down into the grassy area allowing them to play game after game when the sun went down.

Landscape Lighting

If you have a play area, patio or other outdoor living space that could use this type of artful illumination, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. You will be amazed at the difference between a common spotlight and a professional outdoor lighting creation in your yard. We’ll be happy to assess your property and determine the best outdoor lighting technique for your area so you can enjoy the great outdoors at night.