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Create a One-of-a-Kind Atmosphere for Your Home With The Right Outdoor Lighting

A lot more goes in to designing the best outdoor lighting design for your home in Naples than screwing in a few bulbs here and there. In addition to studying the beautiful architecture, landscaping and other features that make your home one of a kind, our experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples study our own selection of top-quality outdoor lighting products to find the perfect match for you.

For example, if your yard is lined with a few grandiose palm trees, a wider flood bulb may be a better choice than a regular bulb in order to fully illuminate all of their impressive features. Choosing the wrong bulb can cut off light from the tops of trees and cast unflattering shadows on your home. If you have larger trees, statues or other features that may require more outdoor lighting, be sure to consult an expert to find out which bulb is right for you.

Additionally, the size of your home will come into plan when designing your unique  outdoor lighting strategy. Ranch-style Naples homes look especially impressive when illuminated by a wider flood bulb, while taller homes more than two stories benefit from installing narrow spot lights.

Finally, consider which features you want to highlight most. If you live in an older home that’s blanketed in beautiful vines or other classic greenery – shine a light on it! Features such as this that span the length of your home are best brought out with the light of a wider flood bulb, but if you’re looking to show off taller features such as an architecturally impressive columns, it’s best to install a narrower spotlight with a more columnar spread.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Naples, we’re experts at choosing the perfect bulbs and fixtures to bring out the very best of your home. Schedule a consultation today to work one-on-one with one of our experts, and discuss how you’d like to light up your home. Are you going for stylish flair or subtle elegance? Do you want to draw attention to a magnificently landscaped yard, or do you want to focus in on the architectural features of your home? Together with your one-of-a-kind style and our technical expertise and first-class outdoor lighting products – we’ll make it happen. (239) 970-9554