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Pathway Lighting

Path lighting is the most versatile choice for all your landscape lighting needs.

When you think of landscape lighting, chances are you think of the much-loved, ever-popular, classic path light. This domed wonder comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and heights, but in general, it has a cap and cast light across the ground level, 360 degrees around. In Naples and the rest of Southwest Florida, we enjoy the year-round warmth. We are more familiar with landscape lighting than the rest of the country, as it caters to outdoor activity in the winter months. So most of you have probably seen something similar to the path lighting pictured below.

Pathway with lighting

If you’ve seen path lights at a business or a friend's house, then you probably have seen them used for something other than paths, walkways, or sidewalks right? These lights are popular because they are so versatile. From flower beds, and landscape features to outdoor living spaces and gardens, you can utilize these gorgeous copper and brass lights everywhere.


When it comes to outdoor living at night, we are not trying to recreate the harsh daylight. Nighttime outdoor living is more relaxed, enjoys a more controlled atmosphere and is often a retreat from a long day. One of the most popular ways to create a tranquil vibe while adding visibility is with perimeter path lighting. By strategically designing path lights around your patio and hardscapes, we create a soft glow for enjoying your patio at night.


Flower beds, shrubbery, and landscaping are a perfect focus for illuminating your property at night. While we do offer focal lighting for the most precious items such as trees and statues, we often use soft path lighting for a general glow among your landscaping. When you trim your yard with luscious tropical plants and flowers, it is unrealistic to shine a bright light on all or to choose a favorite. With the use of beautifully designed lighting, all of your vegetation gets noticed.

Pathway with lighting


We really can use path lighting just about anywhere on your property. Anywhere there is soft ground to place them, we can make them work for the landscape lighting design. They are even loved so much, designs for half-moon hardscape and deck lights that are mounted on hard surfaces mimic the effect. Path lights are commonly requested for driveways, sidewalks, dark corners around the side of homes, along with landscaping beds, in gardens, and around outdoor living spaces.

If you’re ready to get started with a new landscape lighting design for your home, call us today at (239) 970-9554 to get started!

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