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Nighttime Insects Less Attracted to our LED Outdoor Lighting

In Naples, nights on the lanai, sitting by the pool, or lounging on the patio are the highlight of the day. There, we can escape the heat and relax in the milder evening temperatures. For this reason, nights outdoors are cherished times in this region, and outdoor lighting is key to making those nights beautiful, elegant, and safe. Of course, no night is perfect. Under the warm glow of your deck lighting you may well have heard the hum of a mosquito in your ear or been dive bombed by a psycho moth. It is no secret that bugs are drawn to lights. Whether an outdoor fixture or a child’s flashlight, bugs just can’t seem to resist the glow.

Why? Most light, whether natural or artificial, contains not only what we see but also UV rays. These rays are invisible to the human eye but very present and very attractive to insects. Bugs that are most active at night, when most natural light falls in the blue/violet end of the spectrum, are especially attracted to UV rays because they use them to navigate and find food.

LightbulbsNow, there is another great reason to upgrade to the LED fixtures installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. The Cree bulbs we use in our LEDs are actually less attractive to insects than other bulbs. In a recent study conducted in the Department Etymology at The University of Georgia, Dr. Marianne Shockley Cruz and Rebecca Lindner were able to identify the UV waves insects find most attractive. Fortunately for our customers, Cree LEDs do not emit these wavelengths. As a result, bugs don’t care that much for them. So in addition to saving energy, outlasting their halogen counterparts, and illuminating your home in the warm glow you have come to expect from outdoor lighting, LED bulbs attract fewer bugs. This, of course, means a more enjoyable night for you and your family unwinding in the lanai or on the patio. Does this mean you won’t get bit by a mosquito if you install our LEDs? Of course not. But it does mean, bugs will find your outdoor lights less inviting, and you will even spend less time cleaning dead bugs out of your light covers, which is not a fun task for anyone.

So reclaim your nights. If you haven’t made the switch to using LED bulbs in your outdoor lighting system, contact us today. We can make your outdoor areas less attractive to annoying bugs and more attractive to you. (239) 970-9554