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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Can Maintain Your Systems When You Fly North

Farewell, Snowbirds. We will miss you while you’re enjoying the mild New England summer and the rest of us sweat down here in Florida. We will think of you at midday when the sun is at its hottest, but we will hold the fort down for you. Many Naples’ residents have a summer home in the New England states, and this time of year, they begin spending more time where the summer is not as extreme. If you are one of these residents, you probably want to keep the systems in your Naples home running. This can increase security on your property, as it will be harder for unsavory characters to notice your absence. Your outdoor lighting system is a critical component in your home’s security. Keeping the area illuminated will not only keep your property brilliant and stunning but will also keep thieves and vandals convinced you’re still there.

While you are away, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can maintain your outdoor lighting system for you. During your absence, we can perform routine maintenance, including replacing old or burned out bulbs or reburying wires that may have been exposed by the normal erosion of wind and rain. By having us do these tasks in your absence, we won’t be in your way when you return, and you can get right back to enjoying the best of Naples.

Exterior House LightingRoutine maintenance is easy with our Annual Maintenance Plan. When you purchase this plan, much of your outdoor lighting “housekeeping” is covered at no additional cost to you. The Annual Maintenance Plan covers replacement bulbs and their installation, repair of damaged wires, adjustment of your fixtures, and adjustments to your timer. With the plan, you buy peace of mind when it comes to your system. We will be sure that all of your lights are shining and bringing your property all the attention it deserves while protecting it from those who would harm it.

If you would like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to maintain your outdoor lighting system while you are away for the summer, even if we didn’t initially install it, contact us today. We will make sure your lights are functioning, trouble-free, and bathing your home in an elegant glow. (239) 970-9554