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The clarity of our LED outdoor lighting designs will make other outdoor lighting genres green with envy

LightbulbsLED lighting has become a household name. The advances in LED’s technology over the past few years have made it the hot commodity in interior and exterior lighting. In lieu of the popularity of LED the question still remains, is all LED created equal? The answer is no. Just because a product is LED does not automatically mean it is high quality LED. The main aspect to look for in a quality LED product is the quality of the light itself.

The measure used to gauge the color quality and clarity of a light source is the color rendering index, or the CRI for short. The CRI is used to measure the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of the object it is illuminating in comparison to an ideal natural light source, such as the sun. Light sources that measure higher on the CRI are more desirable because they show an object or area being lit in the form closest to that of natural light. Colors will appear more clear and realistic when a light source has a higher CRI rating. A low quality LED is more likely to score low on the CRI scale. Lower quality LED’s sometimes exude a bluish tint within their illumination. This is certainly true of the early LED. Over the years and as the technology has evolved high quality LED’s such as the Cree LED’s we use deliver a clear high quality illumination. Along with being a leader among LED, Cree LED’s score an astounding 90 on the CRI, which means they beautifully illuminate any outdoor lighting setting with clean, clear light.

The superior quality of light is just one benefit of choosing our LED’s as your outdoor lighting source. Using LED can reduce your energy consumption by 80%. Less energy means lower energy costs which can save you a lot of green when it comes time to pay the power bill. LED bulbs also save you money by being more durable than traditional outdoor lighting bulbs. LED outdoor lighting systems have longevity which is evident with longer lasting bulbs that need replacement less often. For example a typical halogen bulb will burn for approximately 2,000 to 4,000 hours, whereas an LED will last a whopping 50,000 operating hours!  Since they contain no filament and utilize cool burning technology, LED’s are less likely to burn out from overheating. They also hold up to bumps and shifts that are more likely to occur in an outdoor lighting scenario.

We cannot discuss the many benefits of LED without mentioning its environmentally sustainable attributes. LED is a green technology because it leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment.  LED’s are responsible for less greenhouse gases by reduced carbon dioxide emissions; they also contain no harmful chemical such as mercury that makes handling and disposal dangerous. LED’s are UV free which means no ultraviolet rays which are prone to attract insects. This means using LED in your landscape, deck and patio lighting installation will give you peace of mind in not attracting insects that can invade your outdoor living enjoyment.   If you are considering a new outdoor lighting system LED is the most economical and efficient way to get the most out of your outdoor lighting.

To learn more about our LED outdoor lighting designs, or to see if your traditional system is a candidate for an LED conversion, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. (239) 970-9554