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Sound and Light – Bring Out the Best of Your Naples Water Feature

Its sound is comforting, relaxing, and connects us to the natural world. It soothes and washes away cares that are not important, and we cannot live without it. Water – there is something very elemental about this liquid that has such power over us. Whatever the reason, the presence of water makes our lives better. Here in Naples Florida, water is plentiful and touches all of us. Some are lucky enough to live on the gulf and can hear the crash of waves day in and day out. For many who do not, koi ponds, streams, and waterfalls are important features in our backyards. Water features are soothing and bring peace just that much closer. While the sound of water transfixes all who take time to hear it, combining visuals with sound elevates water features so they become mesmerizing. Of course, you can see your water feature during the day, but once the sun goes down, the visual of water is lost – unless you have installed water feature lighting.

Lighting water features is an art form. While anyone can put a light beside a waterfall and angle the beams onto it, experience and knowledge is required to place lights so that the feature is best accented and clearly visible. With a misplaced light, the water of your feature could take on a bright white glow that blinds you rather than enchants. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has the experience you need to create the most beautiful feature. We use a combination of lights to accomplish this. Perfectly angled lights can accent rocks or other structural elements, while underwater lights can be installed within the feature itself, creating a golden glow within the water. We even install lights so that they illuminate the points where a waterfall strikes the pond or stream, enhancing the dramatic effect.

So now, you sit in the lanai, your favorite drink in hand. You hear the water run. It trickles and splashes creating a symphony of sound. You can see the water dancing. Your outdoor lighting reflects off the rippling water, throwing light beams in all directions, and a golden glow shines from the depths of the water. Now, your water feature boast looks to match its stunning voice.

If you are ready to create such an experience for those relaxing around your water feature, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Naples today. Not only will the sound of water transfix you, but its movement will as well.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples
(239) 970-9554