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Landscape Lighting in Estero

Beautiful Estero – a unique community just north of the Naples area, the community prides itself on the atmosphere they have been able to create, and rightly so. Estero is one of the fastest growing areas in the USA because it is a wonderful place to live. This community has been able to maintain such a high standard of living because of community involvement before growth began. The people of Estero care deeply about their community. Living in Estero, your property is held to high standards, and this is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can help. As the premier outdoor lighting company in the Naples area, we are the perfect outdoor lighting designer to create your Estero landscape lighting.

From residential to commercial, we have many years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining the best outdoor lighting Southwest Florida. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples creates custom designs for each of our clients’ landscapes. This results are outdoor lighting designs that complement the features of the property rather than being one of those “straight out of the box” solutions that leaves you wanting more. We understand how lighting effects mood and utilize techniques to evoke ambiance. We pay careful attention to what our clients want to feel when they are in or viewing these spaces. This allows us to create a beautiful scene and the perfect mood.

Trees are an important component of the Estero landscape, and with many large trees, it is important that your outdoor lighting designer understand how to light older trees and trees of different species. For example, palm trees, with their unique shapes, require different lighting than oaks. The positions of fixtures are especially critical for not only achieving optimal lighting, but also for eliminating “burn out” – extremely bright spots on tree trunks where detail and textures are lost. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples understands all of the peculiarities that can mean the difference in great landscape lighting and landscape lighting that leaves something to be desired.

If you are currently building in Estero, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We can give you landscape lighting that is a perfect complement to your property and is a perfect fit within the Estero community. Remember that installing your landscape lighting while your landscaping is being designed will allow for more lighting possibilities and will minimize the time that your property is in construction disarray. The holidays may be upon us, but we are here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to call. (239) 970-9554