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New Year, New Look: Naples Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2014

2013 is one for the books, and 2014 is bright with possibilities and opportunities. For many homeowners, New Year’s Day is the perfect time to plan the improvements we want to make during the coming year. For Naples residents, this can be particularly exciting since our winter season is the best time to be outdoors. With mild temperatures and fewer storms, outdoor living in Naples thrives while most of the nation is shivering and hunkered down by the fireplace. So while you are planning your 2014 home improvements, don’t forget the outdoors! Now is the best time for these outdoor improvements. That way, you have plenty of time to enjoy them before the summer swelter sets in. And what better way to enjoy your outdoor spaces than under the inviting glow of outdoor lighting?

Perhaps you are thinking of adding a lanai, reworking your garden, or improving your pool area. Whatever you plan for your outdoor spaces, outdoor lighting adds a touch of elegance, improved functionality, and safety in the area after dark. And outdoor lighting is the only way you can obtain these benefits.

So what are some outdoor lighting improvements you can make to elevate your outdoor living spaces? Consider the following:

1.     Water feature lighting – Your water feature accentuates southwest Florida’s mild temperatures all day with it splashes and gargles. Don’t lose its visual effect at night. Add underwater lighting to your pond or waterfall. Underwater lights create stunning effects, especially when water is mobile.

2.     Uplighting for trees – Because trees contain so many textures, uplighting heightens their grandeur. This is especially true for palm trees. The shadowing created by branches and leaves is particularly eye-catching.

3.     Path lighting – If you have a garden, path lighting can illuminate both your walkways and your flowers as long as they are placed strategically. These pools of light are beautiful and can save you and your family from trips and falls as well.

4.     Focal lighting – As its name implies, focal lighting brings focus to a particular area or object, so it encompasses a wide range of applications. It can be used in a garden to highlight particularly striking foliage, on a gazebo or trellis, or in a pool area or lanai to showcase plants or architectural features.

5.     Patio/Deck lighting – Patio and deck lighting techniques are used to set a sitting area apart. When standing back from the area, the light should help create boundaries between this space and the rest of the outdoors. As a result, some techniques can be used to create boundaries in an area without the physical confines of railings or walls.

While you’re making 2014 improvement plans for your outdoor spaces, don’t forget the difference that professional outdoor lighting design and installation can make. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has been serving our area for years. We know Naples’ styles and tastes, and we know outdoor lighting. So give us a call. We’d love to give your outdoor spaces the new start they deserve.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

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