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Use Daylight Savings Time To Revamp Your Outdoor Lighting System

There are tons of perks of Daylight Savings Time to start taking advantage of this week. The drive home isn’t shrouded in darkness, we get to spend a little extra time playing outside with the kids and we’ve finally got time to cross off all the outdoor chores we’ve been putting off all winter on our to-do lists. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we encourage you to spend a few minutes of the extra daylight inspecting your outdoor lighting system to make sure it’s in tip top shape for the new Spring season.


Use the extra daylight in the afternoons when you get home to walk around the house and check each outdoor lighting fixture for wear and tear. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we only use the highest-quality materials that are built to last, but even Florida wasn’t immune to this rough winter. Additionally, some things may have changed since you last updated your system, such as trees and other foliage growing taller and potentially blocking the light from your fixtures. If you’ve invested in the Annual Maintenance Plan, all of these issues can be resolved for you by our team of experts, and we’ll even help you change up your home’s overall design for a fresher look.


During the winter season, some small animals may have burrowed underground where your outdoor lighting system’s wires are buried, and some may even have built nests inside your fixtures. Inspect the yard for signs of these problems, and consider installing lens filters to prevent animals, pollen or other outdoor hazards from damaging your bulbs.


It’s time to jump back into our pools and start enjoying the Florida weather we all know and love again. Work with an outdoor lighting expert to evaluate your home and locate new areas you could enjoy after dark with the right lighting. Come up with a brand new lighting plan for your pool area, patio or other spots around the house, and open it up just in time for Spring.


Finally, blow your neighbors away at night by upgrading your entire outdoor lighting system to LED. In addition to a brighter, more balanced look, LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 25 years! You’ll notice the difference – and the energy savings – almost instantly.

Learn more about other smart outdoor lighting upgrades when you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today.

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