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Maximize Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Investment with Naples Pool Deck Lighting

Classic Naples home design offers a gorgeous Floridian aesthetic with a heavy focus on outdoor living spaces. With our fantastic climate, the outdoor areas around the home are distinctly a part of everyday life. Applying the same love and attention to the outdoors that you do indoors is a part of Naples culture. Including more than just lawn and landscape care, Naples residents invest heavily in outdoor living spaces such as pools, lanais, outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios, including all of the necessary accessories such as ceiling fans, screening, electricity, small appliances and of course outdoor lighting to maximize use of it all.

Pool Area LightingDowntown Pool Lighting

This downtown Naples home already enjoyed stunning landscape lighting to illuminate trees, shrubbery and give their home nighttime curb appeal. Pleased with the landscape lighting design provided by our award-winning lighting design team, they called us back to illuminate their stunning pool area.

The four-foot privacy wall around the pool deck became an obvious host for the perfect lighting technique. We mounted our copper half-moon deck lighting at the top of the wall facing down. The resulting effect is a gorgeous wall wash that subtly highlights the perimeter of the pool deck while illuminating the texture of the stucco garden walls.

Taking full advantage of the exotic plants that create the lush tropical surround, we placed landscape lighting within the three large planters that line the pool’s edge. With so much lush greenery, a few lights to illuminate the greenery allows the space to be enjoyed as a tropical getaway at night as well as during the day.

Water Feature Focal Lighting

Pool Area LightingThe focal feature of the pool deck is without a doubt the stunning Mediterranean-style fountain on the wall of the pool house. The classic water feature further exemplifies this Naples home in the Floridian style that draws everyone here. Framing the fountain are two columns with large palm trees on either side, by illuminating the columns and trees from below, we simultaneously draw your eye to the fountain and complete the lush tropical feeling of the entire outdoor space.

Summer is here! If your pool is where you’ll be more often than not, don’t let sunset send you indoors. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today to create a luscious tropical lightscape around your pool deck. (239) 970-9554