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Naples Subdivisions Shine with Custom Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Entries

Subdivision HOA’s spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year beautifying entrances to their neighborhoods. Large stone, brick, stucco or mixed medium entrance signs proudly display the community name for easy identification. Palm trees, shrubbery, flowers and other foliage are added to the surrounding landscape to draw more attention and add desirability for passersby. With all of this investment, many times neighborhood splendor goes unnoticed at night without properly designed subdivision entry lighting.

Prominence Point sign illuminated by lights

Naples Neighborhood Entry Lighting

A road lined with palm trees and great outdoor lightingAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we custom design neighborhood entry lighting to highlight your entrance’s most stunning features and offer a warm welcome to residents and guests alike. If your neighborhood features a gatehouse, luxurious landscaping, palm trees, a stunning sign, tree lined drive, median or privacy walls we will create the perfect lighting design to accent all of it.

Your neighborhood name will be clearly visible. We’ll subtly highlight landscaping for attractive ambiance, and accentuate the height of your tallest Palm trees.

LED for Cost Effective Results

Our LED landscape lights make your neighborhood entry lighting completely affordable for your HOA members. While every expense an HOA incurs is often scrutinized and disagreed upon, this is one you can all love. While adding visibility, safety, and security you’ll also be increasing curb appeal and property values with a small investment. LED neighborhood entry lights use 80% less energy than Halogen, making their cost to run extremely low. LED bulbs last 10x longer, so the maintenance of your lighting will be a breeze. If you already had an aging system, the upgrade will pay for itself in time with utility and maintenance savings.

Best Naples Outdoor Lighting Service

Drive way illuminated by great outdoor lightingAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, you’ll enjoy the best neighborhood entry lighting design, installation, and ongoing service. Our design team will work closely with you on needs, design, budget and timing. We will come back for adjustments until we get it just right. And we even offer flexible maintenance packages for annual tune-ups to keep your lighting looking brand new for the long-haul.

Call today for a design consultation to get your Naples neighborhood entry lighting designed and installed for all to see and enjoy. (239) 970-9554