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Can LED Outdoor Lighting Withstand Flood Waters?

Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast, we are fully aware that every feature of your home has to be in consideration of the climate we live in. Hot summers, very warm winters, and regular heavy rain in addition to occasional hurricanes mean when you invest in something for your home, you want to know it can withstand all of Florida’s weather. We have great news, our LED outdoor lighting can withstand most flooding.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we use only top quality solid brass and copper fixtures. That point right there helps your fixture patina beautifully in our moist atmosphere rather than have powder-coated aluminum that chips away in a short amount of time. In addition, our fixtures feature sealed glass with a special o-ring to keep water out and the light’s mechanics protected from water.

The proof is in the pudding:


The makers of our landscape lights placed a LED landscape light in a five-gallon bucket fully submerged in water at their quality control lab. The last we heard it was still on, and still submerged and that was 1.5 years into the experiment.


Last year, during hurricane Irma, we definitely had many calls for lighting maintenance. The good news? Most of the calls were for fixing lights that were damaged or knocked over by falling limbs. In only a few instances did water cause an issue and that was when the flood water reached the transformer.

Fast-forward to Hurricane Harvey. Our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location in North Houston where the flooding was much more severe, has an even better story to tell. Out of all the homes that were flooded and hundreds of lighting systems that were submerged in four feet of water, they only had to replace 4 light bulbs. Our LED light fixtures are sealed glass that can withstand four-feet of hurricane floodwater and still not give out. All you have to do is keep your transformer dry and let the quality of our fixtures carry you through.

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