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Why You Need Exterior Home Lighting

Say goodbye to the days of motion sensor flood lights that awake the neighbors. It used to be recommended that you have exterior home lighting mainly for security. In that case, yes, a flood light that slaps a potential intruder in the face will certainly do the trick, but it doesn’t illuminate your home in a way that adds function for you and your invited guests, and it certainly doesn’t add curb appeal.

With today’s exterior home lighting designs, you can enjoy subtle accent and functional lighting that looks decorative. You’ll enjoy the beauty of your home and property after dark while also gaining the safety and security that allows you to rest easy. With properly designed and installed LED exterior home lighting, you won’t have to worry about a bird flying by your motion sensor causing a feud with your next door neighbor, either.

Not convinced? We have a hundred reasons you should have exterior home lighting at your Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island or Naples area home, but we’ll spare you the full list and give you our top 10!

  1. If you’ve got it. Flaunt it. Your home’s curb appeal should be seen at night. Architectural charm and pristine landscaping is a point of pride you should share all hours of the day and night.
  2. Easy locating. If you have friends, family, or other visitors coming to your home after dark, you can help them find you with perfect exterior home lighting.
  3. Safe navigation. Make sure everyone who walks around your property at night is safe by providing clear visibility on the ground. Path lighting can guide the way with subtle illumination.
  4. Palm trees. Need I say more? Palm trees and other gorgeous tropical vegetation make for glorious nighttime viewing.
  5. Security. Yes, you can achieve security with subtle accent lighting in all the right places. Intruders hate the chance of being seen, so they will avoid the light and will avoid your home.
  6. After dark chores. Taking out the garbage? Cleaning out the pool? Some tasks can’t always get done during the daylight. With exterior home lighting, you can actively move about without issue.
  7. Outdoor fun. Pools, patios, decks, and docks can all be illuminated for nighttime enjoyment with exterior home lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.
  8. Beauty. Just as your home and property are beautiful during the day, our LED lighting creates a magic transformation of your home for a whole new perspective.
  9. Easy parking. Your driveway and parking areas can be hazardous in the dark. With the right lighting, you and guests can easily maneuver as needed.
  10. Show-up your neighbors. Do you have a competitive neighbor? Well, don’t just have the best lawn, landscape, and house on the block, illuminate it for all to see! Winner!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we are pleased to provide gorgeous exterior home lighting solutions for all the right reasons and a few less noble — but no matter the case, the results are magnificent and you won’t regret it. Call today for a design consultation. (239) 970-9554