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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting at Your Home

Outdoor Lighting is the Icing on the Cake, the Cherry on Top, the Bee’s Knees

Are you thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your home? Sure, you could go grab a flood light for security, or some cheap solar path lights to create a landing strip to the front door, and plop them in the ground, but then you would be giving up all of the best benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your home.

With a professionally designed and meticulously installed outdoor lighting system, utilizing the best copper and brass LED lights available, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. The difference between our lighting systems and DIY is we create masterful nighttime art on your property, while simultaneously achieving practical goals as designated by you and your family.


It could be pretty easy to flood your driveway with light and call it a day. But, then you’d have this bright flood light and nothing more. What about the back of your property or those dark corners around the side? Do you think criminals don’t try to sneak in the side or back? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we make sure your entire property is safe and secure. With subtle illumination in all the right places, no potential invader would dare! And the icing on the security cake is that your neighbors will be jealous of how beautiful your property looks while not even realizing how secure you’ve made it.


You take great pride in your home and property. You should absolutely illuminate it for nighttime viewing. With our custom designed outdoor lighting systems, you’ll enjoy your favorite flowers, landscape accessories, and palm trees anytime day or night! Not only are you adding curb appeal for you to enjoy and your neighbors and visitors to appreciate, but you are also adding value and appeal to your home when it comes time to sell. In fact, the National Association of Realtors lists it on their 2018 list of impactful outdoor renovations. Landscape lighting made both the added value list as well as the appeal to buyers lists. When you invest in LED outdoor lighting you can count on it being a great decision for today, tomorrow and well into the future of your property.


There is a lot of talk these days about creating outdoor living spaces. One of the best ways to complete the task is to make sure the outdoor living space at your home is functional all hours of the day and night and in most weather conditions. You don’t hesitate to add umbrellas for shade or a pool enclosure to keep bugs out, why do you hesitate to add patio lighting, deck lighting, or pool lighting? We create incredible lighting systems for all of our outdoor spaces so you can use them at night for relaxing, entertaining, and a completely flexible backyard retreat.

Not convinced? Give us a call and ask about our complimentary nighttime demonstration. We’ll come to your home and show you, with no obligation, exactly what outdoor lighting will do for your home! (239) 970-9554marco island pool and pool deck lighting