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Don’t Let the Early Sunset Keep You from Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space

Daylight is starting to become a precious commodity as autumn begins to settle in. As the Snowbirds begin their migration down to Florida to keep warm and free of the snow, one thing should be kept in mind. Daylight Savings is closing in; how will it affect you? Don't let the shorter days interrupt your outside activities; upgrade your outdoor lighting. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples help with providing a seamless lighting system for your outdoor living areas.

Enjoy Outdoor Living with Updated Outdoor Lighting

Florida nights are beautiful in the fall and winter, though the early days can disrupt your enjoyment of the outdoors. Make sure that you have proper outdoor lighting for those early nights. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples will provide you with a custom outdoor lighting system that will suit your lifestyle to the fullest.

Light Up Your Yard with Bistro Lighting

Do you enjoy hosting gatherings with friends and neighbors? Provide the perfect lighting for any sized space with custom bistro lighting. Also known as festive string lighting, these adaptable string lights are cut to length, providing the perfect illumination for your intended space. Whether hung over a firepit to provide ample light without ruining the mood or provide lighting over a pool, these lights are versatile and durable. By securing these lights along a guidewire, you’ll never have to worry about them sagging or dropping in your absence. Since these lights are cut to size and hung on supporting wires, you are not locked into linear rows. If you want a fan or a zigzag pattern throughout your property, we will be happy to oblige.

Deck and Patio Lighting to Enjoy Your Evenings

If you have an outdoor living space you plan on enjoying during the cooler months, you may want to invest in proper lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples provides custom deck and patio lighting that will offset those early nights with a rich, inviting light. Enjoy an evening of barbequing on the deck or moving around your patio without worrying about a flashlight or phone to light the way. Our beautiful lighting solutions will offset the early sunset without ruining the evening’s ambiance. Should you need lighting for your barbeque pit or to light your fire feature, we can provide discreet task lighting to properly shine a light on your work area until you’re ready to dim the lights.

outdoor pathwaySafely Move About with Pathway Lighting

When moving around your property, getting proper lighting is always a good idea so you don’t stumble and fall. This is especially important if you have sudden turns, dips, or steps along your walkways. To protect yourself and your guests, get pathway lighting. Not only will this lighting provide you with the perfect illumination for your paths, but you can use it along your driveway, providing the perfect guide for any of your guests. Use these stunning lights to brighten your patios and hardscapes, providing a gentle ambiance that won’t glare.

With the sun setting earlier and earlier, are you ready to create an outdoor space that can be used after the sun has set? The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples team can design a custom outdoor lighting system just for you. Call us today to set up a design consultation