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Landscape Lighting in Scottsdale, AZ

Professional Outdoor Lighting Services from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Phoenix!

Create a striking façade to your home's exterior with the power of outdoor lighting! Outdoor lighting is a versatile tool you can use to transform any property’s atmosphere and mood. From wedding venues to backyard patios, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the professional expertise as well as top-of-the-line lights and fixtures for your choosing! Transform your commercial or residential space with the help of attractive outdoor lighting! From our free consultation, nighttime demos, and best-in-industry techs, we provide our customers with the best balance of value and quality that can't be beat! Learn more about why we're the premier outdoor lighting company for Scottsdale!

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Types of Outdoor Lighting for your Scottsdale Property

There is a wide variety of ways to utilize exterior lighting. From highlighting features to additional safety, every home or business is unique in their goals. We can help you narrow down exactly the best type of lighting you may want for your property. The most basic types of outdoor lighting include:

  • Task Lighting: The beautiful copper lighting fixture isn’t just for looks. Professionally installed landscape lighting is a common solution for individuals looking to solve problems, such as tripping hazards, or extending the good times outside when the sun goes down.
  • Ambient Lighting: The right kind of lighting will bring the best types of vibes to lift your guests’ mood. We have extensive experience with venue lighting for events, such as parties, as well as homeowners looking to create an oasis at home with festive string lighting.
  • Accent Lighting: Draw attention to the areas you want with strategically placed outdoor accent lighting. Accent lighting will look different for every property. Perhaps highlighting your Scottsdale property’s unique architecture with desert lighting or showing off the garden you worked all spring on. OLP can help you bring your property to life!

There is also a wide variety of outdoor landscape lighting to choose from, including:

  • Garden lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • And more!

Energy-Efficient Outdoor landscape Lighting

We don’t just install attractive lighting. We also offer low-voltage LED lighting to help you enjoy your new outdoor lighting system without worrying about your electric bill! We do more than just LED lighting installations, we can also upgrade your existing outdoor lighting system with modern LEDs!

It’s common for many home and business owners to worry that choosing an LED option means having ugly, harsh lighting. Have no fear! Gone are the days of intense, blue LED lighting. Modern energy-efficient lighting can give you the same warm, inviting illumination from your traditional lighting options, but this time at a faction of the energy usage and cost!

Does landscape lighting add value to your home?

When you add new, attractive outdoor lighting, including landscape lighting, to your Scottsdale home, it can elevate the space and help to increase your home's potential value! When you hire professionals, such as our OLP team, to install your recessed lighting, you can trust that it will enhance the ambience and charm of your property.

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Why Customers Choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been the go-to outdoor lighting company in Scottsdale because of our reputation for being the industry leader in all things outdoor lighting! Our designs have been in publications such as Architectural Digest, Southern Living, and Martha Stewart Living.

Why are we the best outdoor lighting designer around?

Our talented team of designers and electricians believe in working closely with you, our valued customer! We’re trained in more than just the technical knowledge, we work hard to go above and beyond your expectations and always remember the importance of efficient communication.

When you work with OLP you can enjoy benefits, such as:

  • Free Design Consultation
  • Nighttime Demonstration
  • Post-Installation Adjustments
  • Annual Maintenance Plans
  • High-Quality, Weather Resistant Products
  • Warranty Coverage

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