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The OLP Difference: Custom Designs of Outdoor Lighting Systems

Have you ever wondered what your home would look like in lights? Have you ever wanted to highlight specific features of your home’s architecture or make your backyard more usable after dark? Outdoor lighting will increase your home’s value as well as enhancing your curb appeal and safety of your property. Choosing the perfect design for your lighting system is so important to fit your home’s unique architectural features and you should know – not all lighting designs are created equal. There are many steps and design elements to consider before we make your dream lights become a reality! Here is our unique approach to truly custom lighting designs that dazzle.

Step 1: Determining Your Lighting Budget

The most important step - determining your budget. We know that talking financials is the least fun part of any home improvement project, but we need to know what your ideal investment level is in order to create a design that fits your budget. We are a professional outdoor lighting company, so our lighting fixtures are as high-quality as they come but we also provide great value and a high level of professionalism to create a custom design curated just for you.

When you choose OLP, we know that your lighting is an investment in your home and your overall enjoyment of your property, and we want to make sure you understand that your lighting can evolve over time too. We are experts at creating designs that can expand and change over time as you make your outdoor lighting investments over time. For example, we can complete architectural lighting for the front of the home this year and do the side yards and backyard the following year, but it’s designed in a way that flows seamlessly. You’d never know it was actually multiple lighting projects! So, rest assured, it is possible to create a beautiful lighting design on a variety of budgets and we make sure to provide you with all the information to make you feel comfortable in your decision.

Step 2: Determine Priority and Purpose of the Space

The next step is figuring out where lights would best highlight your home and how you use the space we’re illuminating. Are you wanting lights on your outdoor living space that you can see from the multiple viewpoints? Are your pathways used a lot in the evenings so some lighting would be best there? We want to make sure we provide the perfect lighting design for your outdoor space that will satisfy every part of your lighting dream. One of our outdoor lighting technicians will help you with a lighting design that brings out the beauty of each of your outdoor spaces, all the while considering functionality and security for your home.

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Step 3: Personal Taste

Time for the fun part! We want to determine what your personal style and taste is so we can reflect that in your lighting design. Every custom lighting design is unique and will showcase your personal taste! Your OLP lighting technician will ask what parts of your home are the most important to you, what are your favorite focal points, do you want to highlight the nature in your property, and more. It’s important when we create a design that it’s uniquely yours and that you’ll love for years to come.

Step 4: Maintenance Preferences

With any lighting systems, you should expect to have future maintenance needs. Regardless of the design we create with you, your OLP technician will walk you through what to expect with maintaining your lighting system into the future. They will present different options to help design a maintenance plan that works for you and will continue to make your lights look beautiful and functional.

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Step 5: Lighting Operation & Enjoyment

This step is where we leave you to enjoy your new beautifully lit home but before we leave, we will teach you how to control and operate your new lighting system. Would you like an app from your phone? Is there zoning or dimming? Will you manually control your system, or do you want to “set it and forget it”? During our design plan, we work with you to narrow down the best way for you to control your new system. We want you to enjoy your lights as often as you want, and we want to make enjoying your lighting as easy as possible.

As you can tell, there are a lot of things we take seriously when it comes to the design of each lighting system. It’s important that the design fits your taste, budget, and desired functionality. With our high-quality lighting fixtures and our custom design plan, you will be enjoying your outdoor lights for years to come.

Ready to leave your outdoor lighting to the experts? Contact us your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to schedule a complimentary design appointment to create a design for your new lighting system!