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Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Richmond, Charlottesville, & Central Virginia

The way you illuminate the exterior of your business establishment says a lot about your image as well as the atmosphere you want to create. Customers feel very differently when they walk up to a dark and dormant place of business versus a beautifully-illuminated one. These impressions are important as customers will relay their experience to friends and family and may even write reviews.

Parking lot lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville, we’ve been creating and installing exquisite commercial outdoor lighting in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Central Virginia for more than two decades, and we can do the same for you. We know every client and establishment has a unique set of goals, and our outdoor lighting experts take a customized approach for every job we do, working meticulously through the process from concept to design to installation.

Upscale Outdoor Restaurant Lighting

Ambiance is a big part of the dining experience, and you want your customers to feel welcome and relaxed from the moment they arrive. Beautiful outdoor lighting sets a warm and inviting tone as patrons travel along well-lit walkways to the entrance of your establishment. And when they see lovely facade lighting, they know they’re somewhere special — somewhere they want to be.

And who doesn’t like dining al fresco? As patrons enjoy drinks and fabulous food, they take in the atmosphere of a gently illuminated patio and appreciate beauty and unique features of the outdoor space. They spread the word, write reviews, and return time and again to enjoy wonderful food in a beautifully illuminated outdoor setting.

Al Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer a variety of ways to illuminate your restaurant’s outdoor areas for functionality and ambiance. From facade lighting and path lighting to patio lighting, landscape lighting, and more, our custom outdoor lighting designs are stunning, creating the perfect ambiance for patrons to enjoy.

You may also consider café lighting as a stunning option for a patio or rooftop lounge, always setting the tone for a fun evening ahead. No matter the size or shape of the space, our outdoor lighting experts can customize café lighting to your specific needs, maximizing the customer experience.

Custom Illumination Creates the Perfect Ambiance for the Hospitality Industry

No matter how elegant your establishment appears during the daytime hours, poor outdoor lighting can paint a completely different nighttime picture. Antiquated outdoor lighting can make surroundings look dingy, and dark spots can make customers feel unsure in their footing.

In the hospitality industry, we know it’s important for customers to relish in their surroundings and feel safe both day and night. You want them to appreciate the features of your establishment and enjoy all the amenities during the nighttime hours, making their visit an experience to remember.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our lighting is as beautiful as it is functional, creating an elegant and safe environment for patrons to enjoy long after the sun goes down. Whether it’s a charming inn, B&B, or expansive resort, our stunning outdoor lighting displays make all the difference.

As patrons walk along the gently yet well-lit walkways, they will admire the beautifully illuminated features of your establishment all the amenities you have to offer. They’ll easily unwind at the outdoor bar, the fire pit, or around the pool, enjoying the subtle glow and soothing atmosphere. They’ll feel recharged, complete, and will look forward to their next visit.

Exquisite Outdoor Commercial Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

You don’t need to be in the hospitality industry to benefit from commercial outdoor lighting. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, store, or other commercial property, dark buildings don’t look inviting to prospective customers.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our highly-efficient LED lighting beautifully illuminates facades, entrances, common areas, and special outdoor spaces while reducing energy costs by 60%. You may consider illuminating walkways and parking lots with a wash of light to increase safety and lower liability, and sign lighting is also a great way to get you noticed.

If you own or manage a commercial property and would like to learn more about how commercial outdoor lighting can enhance your Richmond or Charlottesville business, call us at (804) 294-3634 for a free consultation and demonstration. We look forward to bringing your business to life after the sun goes down!

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