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How to LED Retrofit Your Lighting

LED lighting is quickly becoming the new frontier in outdoor lighting. LED lights are super energy efficient and have an overwhelming long life. Lower energy costs and minimal bulb replacement have made the LED a desirable light to use in outdoor lighting applications. Unfortunately, until recently, homeowners who wished to upgrade their outdoor lighting fixtures to LED have had to reconfigure their entire existing outdoor lighting system in order to change to an LED system. This is certainly not the case any longer.

LED bulbs
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the capability of retrofitting your existing outdoor lighting fixtures to change them into LED fixtures. Approximately 95% of our customers have an existing system that is LED retrofit capable. Even if another company installed your original outdoor lighting, we can thoroughly inspect your system and in most cases these systems are candidates for retro-fitting as well. By simply removing the internal components of your existing fixtures and replacing them with LED internals we can have you in LED’s in no time at all.

bulb comparisons in lamps
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives also inspects your existing transformer and voltage to make sure it is compatible with a change to LED and make changes if necessary. Our retro-fittings also come with a three year warranty on the lamps themselves, with the option of a lifetime warranty on the entire system as long as you stay up-to-date with our required yearly check-ups by an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives representative.

Retrofitting to LED can save you up to 90% in energy costs. LED lights also exude a quality of concise clarity of light that is not available by any other means. If you have been holding off because you thought you had to replace your entire system to obtain all the attributes of LED, think again, we can make it a piece of cake.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to learn more and schedule an inspection to see if your lighting system is a candidate for LED retrofitting.