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Adding Texture and Color to Your Backyard

From crepe myrtles and ivy to azaleas, many plants thrive in the Richmond area. As we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives visit our clients’ properties, we take note of all the beautiful details that make up the home and yard. It’s important to us to accentuate all the beautiful textures and colors on the property while creating our custom outdoor lighting designs.

Texture and color bring life and personality to your outdoor living spaces and it’s a shame when they are lost at night. Here are some of the details that we see often while creating landscape lighting in Richmond:

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville Ivy. This beautiful vine grows all over the Richmond and Midlothian area. It adds character and texture to so many properties. Here you can see down lights and path lights were used to light these ivy-covered steps and wall. One thing to note with ivy lighting is to keep your eye on growth. Ivy grows very quickly and can easily cover the light if not trimmed proactively. Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Crepe Myrtles. Available in pinks, reds and reds, crepe myrtle trees thrive here. They’re stunning. Here you can see a series of them that were highlighted with tree lighting. Up lighting from the base of the trunk accentuates the height and shape of the multiple trunks while bringing depth to the outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & CharlottesvilleRetaining walls and stonework. From brick to natural stone, many Richmond properties have some type of stonework, retaining wall or hardscaped feature. These instantly add texture to any outdoor living space, but when they aren’t lit they’re lost and can even be a safety hazard. In this picture, you can see how beautiful a retaining wall can be with outdoor lighting. Down, half moon deck lights shoot light downward onto the stone and the patio below, ensuring sure footing while adding charm to the space.

Flowers and plantings. Nothing adds color to an outdoor living space like flowers. If you have areas on your property where you like to add flowers, tell Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesvilleyour outdoor lighting company. With that information, they can make sure that enough light is added to illuminate the area so the color can be appreciated day and night. Here you can see how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives added path lighting to feature the flowers.

If you are interested in enhancing your property with light, please contact us!