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Architectural Lighting for your Richmond Home

Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas have beautiful homes with architecturally interesting properties. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are lucky to visit a lot of these properties, see their artistry and accentuate it with architectural lighting.

The purpose of architectural lighting is all in the name: to highlight the lines and details of the home. Here are a two examples of two very different home that we brought to life at night:

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville 

This home has unique textures and multiple peaks. We knew as soon as we drove up to the home, we HAD to accentuate the beautiful stonework on the front façade. Up lights were installed along the base of the property. Shooting light upward washes the surface with a warm glow of light that isn’t too hot or bright. A good outdoor lighting design shouldn’t draw your eye to one area, instead it should highlight the overall property.

In addition to wash lighting, we had to ensure that all peaks were illuminated, otherwise the home would look cut off and dark at the top. In this case, up lights installed on the ground couldn’t get to the peaks on the right as the covered porch cut off the beam. Instead, lights were installed on the roofline along the gutter to hit those hard to reach areas.

Like the first home, this second property also has a stunning stone façade, but also has two story columns around its front door. Our team knew the architectural had to highlight those stunning columns to make the home pop at night. A series of up lights comprise the overall design, illuminating the entire front of the home.Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

When designing and installing a custom architectural lighting system, our team will walk your property and discuss your favorite aspects of your home and yard. Maybe you love the way trees frame your front door, or the classic lines of the space. With that information, we’ll create a system that incorporates your favorite characteristics of the home. Once the lights are installed, we aren’t done. One of our team members will come out at night and make some adjustments to the light beam and direction to ensure the best result possible.

If you have questions on lighting your home, please contact us at (804) 353-6999.