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LED Landscape Lighting, the best on the market

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, it’s our job to stay abreast of what’s happening in the landscape lighting industry. What new fixtures are available? What are clients asking for? What’s the smartest technology out there? As we’ve watching the industry change there has emerged a clear leader on the technology side: LED or light emitting diodes.
LED landscape lighting in Richmond first hit the market over 5 years ago. At that point it wasn’t reliable enough for us to recommend to our franchisees, but man has that changed!

Outdoor lighting Many of our clients want outdoor lighting to increase the safety, security and beauty of their property, but they don’t want their energy bill to increase too much along with it. LED doesn’t require the energy investment that other lighting technology does. When lighting is switched to LED some property owners will see a decrease of 80% to their lighting energy costs.

For those owners that want to cut it down even more, we install advanced lighting controls that minimize the usage to only when the owners really need it instead of setting an hour to hour on and off switch.

When it comes to reliability, we need to be sure that lights both look and perform very well before we install them on a client’s home. LED landscape lighting fits our standards. It provides a beautiful warm, pleasing color that can be focused on the very best parts of the property, be it the façade, backyard, landscaping and more. Five years ago the LED bulbs provided too white of a color that in some cases it looked blue and didn’t look inviting.

LED bulbs have a long life and are highly reliable. Studies show that the bulbs can last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. With that long of a life, homeowners don’t need to replace the bulbs anywhere near as often, cutting down on service costs.

If you’re looking for a stunning yet eco-friendly outdoor lighting system in Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas, OLP is here to help. Our trained designers and installers will visit your property and create a system that brings out the best in your home.