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Preparing Your Home for Sale with Custom Architectural Lighting

We are just a few weeks away to the beginning of the summer season. Summer is not only the season of barbecues and camps, but it is also the season for moving. If you’re preparing a home for sale, you may want to consider enhancing your curb appeal with landscape lighting.

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are very important. The home and the property need to look their best. If potential buyers come by your property at night, they may not be able to see its charm. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design and install custom landscape lighting systems in Richmond and the surrounding areas to make properties look perfect.

Curb appeal lightsWe recently lit this home which will hit the market soon. It’s a beautiful brick home but unfortunately it was lost at night. To make it even more appealing, we designed a system that addressed the front and back of the home. On the front, we used up lights at the base of the home to create a warm wash of light. The light is subtle, but it brings out the architecture, color and texture of the home.

While designing architectural lighting, it is important that the light hits all the peaks of the structure. As you can see, the light hits the multiple peaks of this property so the potential buyers have a very clear view of the home, both day and night.

In addition to up lights, path lights were added to illuminate the front walkway leading buyers to the front door.

Patio lightsIn the backyard, the owners wanted to highlight the beautiful outdoor living space which includes a custom outdoor kitchen, fire pit and uniquely shaped paver patio. Path lights were place strategically around the edges of the patio to bring out the shape while also highlighting the surrounding landscaping.

Deck down lights were also installed in two places: around the outdoor kitchen and fire pit. On the outdoor kitchen, the lights were placed under the bar area, accentuating the stone. Around the fire pit, the lights were not only placed for beauty, but also safety. Potential buyers and homeowners need to clearly see the structure as not to trip over it!

If you’re selling your home this season, please contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to bring out the best in your property.