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Architectural Lighting in Midlothian Accentuates Textures

Driving around Midlothian and the Greater Richmond area you can see beautiful architecture on residential and commercial properties alike. There are gorgeous materials on facades, subtle but charming details in the finishes and more. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond one of our goals is to increase the curb appeal of properties with light. Bringing out the charm and the texture is key to allowing a home to be truly appreciated at night.

Here are two examples of homes with gorgeous details that we were able to bring out with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting systems.

Architectural lighting

This one story home in Midlothian was absolutely adorable during the day, but unfortunately it faded into darkness as the sun went down. OLP was hired to bring it back to life and it was our goal to make sure all the key details could be seen. The façade was our first focus. A good part of the home is finished with a natural stacked stone that brings color and texture to the home. On the other side of the home, there is shingle siding that complements the stone beautifully. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives started our architectural lighting design by washing the façade in subtle light.

After the façade, we turned our attention to the other key details including the smooth white columns, white finishes and white pergola over the garage doors. While they may not demand as much attention as the stone, they are just as important to the overall curb appeal of the property. Up lights were used at the base of the columns to accentuate the height of the columns, while coach lights were added around the garage doors to bring out the details there.

Curb appeal lightingOur second example incorporates a look we see a lot in the Richmond area: brick. This two-story colonial home not only is finished in brick, but its porch and shutters are finished with extra detail. The slated shutters and the unique trim around the porch give the home a more casual and inviting finish. It was important to the owners that visitors, neighbors and passersby could see the details they loved in the home at night. Using LED up lights, we were able to shoot an even wash of light up the side of the home, illuminating the gorgeous brick and the shutters around with windows. A combination of up lights and spot lights were then used around the porch and on the eaves to bring out the trim detail as well as the attic window.

If you’re looking for an outdoor lighting company to design, install and/or maintain a system for your home, please reach out to us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond. We love creating custom systems we’re sure that you will love!