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Fall Lighting Maintenance

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond can hardly believe it is already September. Before we know it, the leaves will start changing and pumpkin spice everything will be out in stores. With the change in seasons, it’s a good time to turn some attention to your lighting system. If you have lights on your property, here are things to look at to see if you need to call an outdoor lighting company in Richmond:

Architectural lightingLight Output. We all know that the nights get longer and the days get shorter in the fall months. One reason for investing in landscape lighting is so you never have to come home to a dark and uninviting home and property. Walk your property and take note of all the lights. Do they look as bright as they should? If not, it may be time to get new bulbs, or retro fit your system to LED if you haven’t already. With a burn time of over 50,000 hours, LED decreases the need to change bulbs.

Landscaping. Spring and summer result in a lot of growth on your property. As they grow, trees and shrubs can begin to block your lights and impact the output. Making sure to check your plants pruning recommendations, trimming any branches in the path of light can make a big impact on the illumination on your property.

Leaves. Speaks of trees and shrubs, we know what happens in the fall; they drop their leaves, sometimes completely covering a property. It’s important that none of the leaves touch your bulbs. If you don’t have lens covers on any up lights, reach out to your outdoor lighting professional. While the leaves are falling en mass, periodically walk your property and brush off any leaves blocking your lights.

Wire. It isn’t uncommon for some wire to become exposed over time, but it should be addressed promptly. When left exposed, the wire can be pulled up even more, especially with fall raking and lawn maintenance. Most of the time wire doesn’t need to be replaced, it simply can be reburied.

If you notice any of these issues, please reach out to us. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is always happy to make your lights look their absolute best!