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Richmond Architectural Lighting Brings Out the Best in Homes

Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas has homes with diverse and stunning architecture. With varying colors, textures, finishes, and landscaping each property has its own unique personality. Custom designed architectural lighting is one way to make sure your home’s charm can be appreciated day and night. Here are some examples to see what we mean.

Architectural lightsOur first example is a two story home with warm taupe shingle siding and a wide front porch. Typical wash lighting wouldn’t work on this property due to the porch. It would cut the light off after the porch leaving the second story dark and the home stumped. Instead, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed outdoor lights for first and second stories separately. On the first floor, column lights were placed in front of the large columns to highlight this key architectural detail of the home. Small spot lights were installed to illuminate the second story leaving every part of the home lit.

Architectural lightingThis second home is a style that we see all over Richmond, a beautiful brick home. One of the first details you notice about the home when you see it is its height. We wanted to make sure the all of it could be properly illuminated evenly. Luckily for us, LED lighting technology only continues to improve, providing strong lighting even for high properties without increasing energy consumption. Architectural wash lighting highlights the entire façade bringing out not only the height, but also the red brick and black and white finishing details.

Architectural lightsThis last property has several peaks in its design. Finished in beautiful stonework, our trained architectural lighting designers needed to bring out the stone and the numerous peaks. Both uplights and spot lights were used to illuminate the different sections of the home to leave the property with this stunning affect.

If you’re looking to illuminate your home and property, please call us at 804.874.9985. Each and every Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system is custom designed with our clients’ properties, tastes and budgets in mind. We look forward to working with you.