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Working with a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with spectacular architectural and landscape lighting systems and even better customer service. With many options for outdoor lights, be them from big box stores or your landscaping company, we have been asked about the benefits of working with a specialized outdoor lighting company. Here’s are some of the key differences:
Well lit front of house
Design. At OLP, outdoor lighting is all that we do. With it being our specialty, our clients know they are going to get the best in outdoor lighting design. Each system we create is designed specifically for the property we’re visiting at that moment. It’s not a cookie cutter approach. We consult with our clients to understand their needs, tastes and budget and create a system accordingly. Our free design consultations can take place either during the day or at night, whatever works best for you.

Fixtures and Creativity. One of our goals is to create lightscapes that look beautiful for years to come. High-quality outdoor lighting fixtures are key to that goal. When hiring an outdoor lighting company, you know that you are getting the best LED landscape lighting fixtures on the market with some of the best warranties. Not only do they perform well, but they last! We’ve all seen those small bug lights that homeowners may purchase at a home improvement store, but don’t last very long.
Path lights
When it comes to unique installations and designs, creative approaches to technique and fixtures ensure a gorgeous result. An outdoor chandelier for your dining space? Sure. High-quality string lights for outdoor parties? No problem!

Service and Maintenance. One of the biggest differences in working with an outdoor lighting company versus someone who just installs lighting is continuous service and maintenance. Since we are focused solely on lighting, we view our relationship with our clients as such, a relationship. Over time, we want to come and visit the property to service, add-on, and adjust the lights to keep them looking as intended. In short, service is a priority.

If you are considering enhancing your metro Richmond property with outdoor and landscape lighting, please contact us at 804-874-9985.