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Last Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

With just a few days left until Thanksgiving, the stores are packed, as are the ovens. If you’re hosting this year and you need a few last minute ideas for your table’s centerpiece, you’ve come to the right place! We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond love playing with fall themed objects and colors as well as light!

Here are simple ideas you can put together easily.

If the simplest option is the best for you, no worries. Most grocery stores, big and small, have pre-created floral bouquets. Grab a few of those and some green or orange candlesticks and put them on your table. Light the candles just before dinner and it will be festive and beautiful.

Candle options really are endless for centerpiece ideas, not to mention the flame makes it a little more “fancy.” Look for ways to marry candles with objects of the season like, corn kernels, pumpkins and more. If you have large candle vases, fill them first with corn kernels or acorns. Then add a wide candle inside each vase.

Carving pumpkins isn’t just for Halloween. Use smaller pumpkins (maybe you are using the filling for pie?) and carve simple and fun designs. You can do this with a knife, screwdriver or even a drill. Place the pumpkins on a small bed of fake leaves from the local craft store. They’ll look festive and bring some fall color to your table before dinner and when you light them, they will be even more special.

Lastly, you know how we feel about Christmas string lights. They are easy and fun to incorporate in a number of ways for the holidays and everyday life. Bring them out a few days early and they can be used for Thanksgiving! While at the grocery store, buy a few extra Thanksgiving themed fruits and vegetables: gourds, squash, apples, nuts, etc. Use some fake leaves from the craft store and create a fun tablescape. Add strings lights around the base and you have an easy and bright centerpiece (battery operated string lights would be the best option for this design).

From all of us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, have a very happy Thanksgiving!