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Bring Your Landscape to Life at Night with Designer Tree Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Let’s face it, as glorious as your trees look during the daytime hours, they can look downright eerie at night. While that may be an appropriate look for Halloween night, it’s not your preference in general.

Tree lighting

If you have an abundance of trees on your property, they can drown your landscape in darkness during the nighttime hours, creating a daunting ambiance. When you have friends and family coming to visit, or you’re arriving home in the evening, the atmosphere is unwelcoming. How can you increase your curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere at night when your property is overrun with trees?

Professional Tree Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Lift your landscape out of the darkness with tree uplighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville. At OLP, we can transform the beauty of your trees into the evening hours, creating an exquisite curb appeal and delightful ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

Residential lighting

Our professional tree uplighting adds depth to your landscape, playfully highlighting the gorgeous branches and leaves above. But to create the look that you’d like to achieve outdoors at night, many factors go into the design process.

When uplighting your trees, our outdoor lighting experts place the fixture at the base of tree’s trunk, shining upward and gently illuminating the branches and leaves. Although our lighting fixtures are beautiful, we strategically position the fixtures so that they are not visible, putting all the focus on the tree itself. Our uplighting is soft and subtle, creating a beautiful, gentle glow throughout your property. It’s a nighttime work of art!

Outdoor lighting of house

If you’d like to learn more about tree uplighting in Richmond and Charlottesville, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule your complimentary design consultation and demonstration. We look forward to helping you take back the night!