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All You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Now that spring has arrived in Richmond and Charlottesville, you’re excited to spend as much time outdoors as possible. To carry the functionality of your backyard spaces into the evening hours, you may be ready to install outdoor lighting but aren’t sure where to start.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville, we receive various questions about outdoor LED lighting. To help guide you in your decision-making process, we’ve answered the top questions below:

Are LED lights good for outside use?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, outdoor LED lighting is the perfect choice for illuminating your home and landscape. Outdoor LED lighting has all the benefits of indoor LEDs and is lower maintenance than other outdoor lighting options, such as halogen or incandescent.

What does outdoor LED lighting look like?

Outdoor LED lighting has come a long way over the years. The outdoor LED lights of yesteryear may make you recall harsh, bluish hues. Today’s outdoor LEDs create a soft and subtle ambiance that’s both warm and inviting. Using professional outdoor lighting strategies, such as uplighting and downlighting, you can transform the best features of your property at night for a glorious effect.

Is outdoor LED lighting energy-efficient?

Yes, it is! High-quality outdoor LED lighting uses approximately 75% less energy than halogen bulbs, lowering your utility bills. LEDs also reduce carbon emissions and create less waste from disposing of burnt-out bulbs.

Is outdoor LED lighting low-maintenance?

Definitely! An LED bulb lasts about 50,000 hours, whereas a halogen bulb has a life of 2,000-5,000 hours, an incandescent bulb has a life of 750-2,000 hours, and solar life is typically short. This makes outdoor LED lighting lower maintenance than other options as you won’t have to monitor your property for burnt-out bulbs nearly as often.

Can you customize outdoor LED lighting?

Outdoor LED lighting offers great flexibility in design, allowing you to achieve the outdoor look you desire. By casting a wash of light over a more expansive space or narrowing the beam to a focal point, you can create beautiful and dramatic accents throughout your property. Whether you’re interested in architectural lighting, deck and patio lighting, landscape lighting, bistro lighting, pathway lighting, garden lighting, pool lighting, or more, upscale outdoor LED lighting will elegantly carry the beauty and functionality of your property into the evening hours.

Outdoor LED Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

If you’re looking for designer outdoor LED lighting in Richmond or Charlottesville, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville today to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting demonstration and consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and making your outdoor lighting vision a reality!