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Deck Safety Starts With The Right Amount Of Outdoor Lighting To Ensure Good Visibility After Dusk

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond (OLP), we stress to our homeowner clients who have us illuminate the front exterior façade of their homes for beautification, safety and enhanced security to be sure to also have us illuminate their outdoor living spaces, especially as we help create awareness of Deck Safety Month with the North American Deck and Railing Association.

Professional Deck Lighting For Stairs In Richmond

Entertaining friends and family at home during the year is great fun, especially when it is on your backyard deck – especially for parties that run long into the evening.

To ensure that your guests enter your Richmond backyard safely after sunset, be sure that you have professionally installed landscape lighting by OLP.

As they approach your backyard deck, be mindful to ensure safe footing for all and optimum nighttime visibility for all with our deck stair lighting.

Deliberately installed to illuminate deck stairs beautifully and safely – as well as patio steps – our deck stair lighting illumination will shine adequately to spread low voltage outdoor lighting beams on those surfaces that have a tendency to vanish into the night.

For dependable, luminous, good visibility, our deck lighting for stairs spreads the warm glow of illumination without any interfering harsh glare. It’s soft, gentle and safe – from any angle.

Richmond Deck Surround Lighting Makes The Most Of Any Outdoor Evenings

Thankfully, the days of bright and brash coach lights and high beam lights are no longer a good outdoor lighting solution to surround your deck.

Our expert designers will use a variety of our custom, handcrafted deck surround lighting fixtures to spread the perfect amount of light to enhance evening leisure time on your backyard deck.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we install designer deck lighting systems that carry the beauty and function of your deck into the evening hours. We create upscale lighting solutions that are customized to your wants and needs, and we work with you through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation to reflect your signature style. And the results are gorgeous.

Our deck surround lighting systems are subtle yet functional. We install just enough lighting fixtures to provide the necessary light to be safe, but not overpowering. Our deck surround lights are placed strategically throughout your backyard deck space for an even wash of illumination while providing the necessary sure footing needed in any outdoor living area.

Richmond Deck Stair Tread Lighting Gives Safer Passage To All Who Enjoy Your Backyard Amenities

Say farewell to electric candles, tiki torches and flashlights to give your guests safe entrance and passage to your Richmond deck.

Our Lincoln Flat Louvered Integrated LED Panel Louvered Stair Tread Light Fixture in cast brass features a 9-5/8 inch wide step light to spread just the right amount of light to beautifully – and safely – illuminate deck stair treads.

A Well Lit Deck Is A Safer Deck In Richmond With Our Deck Post Lighting

Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying some quiet family time on your deck, you don’t have to worry about shuffling everyone inside when the daylight starts to fade. Linger longer outdoors well into the night with OLP outdoor lighting and landscape lighting.

Our deck post lighting fixtures offer a wonderful level of convenience by seamlessly transitioning your space from day to night. There’s no need to stop what you’re doing and arrange a new plan at dusk as you’re all set with our lighting to enjoy your beautiful space well into the nighttime hours.

While our deck post lighting systems are subtle and functional, they’re also stunning. Our custom illumination highlights the architecture and special features of your deck, making the space exceptionally appealing. We strategically place the lights on your deck posts and throughout the deck space perimeter for a gentle, even wash of illumination while providing the necessary pathways needed in any outdoor living area, and we also install task lighting that can be turned on and off in areas where a brighter light is required, such as the grill.

Our OLP Festive Bistro String Lighting Spread Star-Like Glints Of Energy-Efficient Backyard Lighting Over Richmond Decks, Patios, And Your Favorite Outdoor Spaces

The perfect addition to your outdoor deck and patio lighting system design is our overhead string lighting. Also referred to as bistro lighting and café lighting, our custom installations create seamless rows of softly glowing string lighting to produce the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space, whether across a back deck, strung over a patio, or any other space.

The beauty of our string lights is that they are one of the most versatile lighting solutions available. They can be manipulated to fit into any space, regardless of size or shape. With our expert professional installation, you can rest assured we will install poles if and where needed to support your lights and use the exact amount of string lighting so there are no extra wires. With our bistro lights, you get the glow you want and the versatility you need to enjoy your yard from the original outdoor lighting company – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

OLP works with the finest light fixtures on the market to ensure we have solutions to complement your home’s unique design aesthetic. No matter how you plan to use your outdoor space, watch it come to life with backyard lighting from OLP.

Our Fence Line Lighting And Other Outdoor Living Space Lighting Will Make Your Richmond Outdoor Living Enjoyment Safer And More Enjoyable

If it’s outdoors, our comprehensive outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and backyard lighting custom design solutions may very well be the best thing to happen to your home’s exterior spaces.

For a personalized complimentary outdoor lighting design consultation for safety, as well as enhanced curb appeal, call us at 804-294-3634.

Even easier, you can simply click this link to connect with our exterior lighting professional design team.