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Light Up Your Summer Garden in Augusta & Lake Oconee

Summer is finally here! What are your favorite parts of these Summer Nights? Grilling with friends on your patio? Relaxing evening swims in the pool? Watching kids catch lightning bugs in your yard?

Whatever your favorite parts of summer are, when you let us light up your summer nights, we guarantee that you will enjoy them more. Keep scrolling down this page for some examples of what we can do for you this summer…but be careful, you may begin to wonder how you lived outside without our lights…

Before and after lighting

BEFORE & AFTER - This before and after photo demonstrates the impact that quality outdoor lighting can have on your home at night. What a difference a few lights can make! Whether it be a pool, a patio, or a garden, our lights extend your outdoor living space into the evening hours. Your family and friends will thank you as they enjoy your home at night. Just think – if our lights make this big a difference in this picture, just imagine what we could do for your nights this summer…

Patio lighting

PATIO & DECK LIGHTING – Good patio lighting invites you to sit down, breathe deep, and unwind after a hard day of work. Imagine yourself settling in one of these chairs to enjoy a relaxing evening with your spouse or a group of close friends. We often use a special combination of deck lights and moon lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for any summer situation that might arise.

Lakehouse lighting

HOUSE & ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING – Summer is the perfect time to entertain family and friends in your home. Imagine how our lights can bring your house to life. Whether on the lake, or on your street, our signature lighting effect gives your home a warm, elegant, and inviting look. Your guests will feel welcomed before the even get out of the car.

Gazebo lighting

GARDEN & FOCAL LIGHTING – You work hard on your garden, and it would be a shame to only enjoy it during daylight hours. Summer nights offer the opportunity to see your garden in a whole new light (see the pic above). We have the artistic design, refined technique, and custom technology to bring out the unique features and hidden beauty of your garden at night.

Pool lighting

POOLS & WATER FEATURES – Our customers are often surprised about what difference our lights can make for their pools and water features. The trick to lighting up water features is to to use fixtures that are both well-placed and well-designed (to cut through and keep out the water). Waterfalls, fountains, and streams look especially beautiful when a subtle light emanates up from the surface. After adding lights, some of our customers find that they use their pools twice as much as they did before. Think about it this way – a few of our lights could give new life to your pool this summer.

Palm Tree lighting

TREE & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING – They say that ‘trees are our best antiques’. Trees are also some of our favorite things to light. Well-lit trees create a sense of depth and add interesting textures to your evening landscape. Whether it be a stately palm, a sprawling live oak, or a delicate japanese maple, we know how to accent the unique features of our local arboreta to bring the distinct beauty out of each and every tree in your yard.

Pergola lighting

CUSTOM LIGHTING – We treat every job we do as a custom job. Each and every project is custom designed to appeal to the people and places we meet. There is no task too difficult or project too unique for us to handle. Whether is be pergolas, arbors, outdoor kitchens, or even hammocks, we can light up anything you want or need. Our goal is to help you create the nighttime experience you want, and we love a creative challenge.

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