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Top 3 Misconceptions About LED Outdoor Lighting

Two houses with outdoor lighting

Can you guess which set of outdoor lights is halogen and which is LED?

Do you like riddles? I love ’em. Here’s a riddle for you – can you find the major difference between the two pictures above? (Click on the picture above for a more detailed view)

Stuck? I’ll give you some clues – Both pictures depict the same house on the same night, and both use the same outdoor lighting company (Outdoor Lighting Perspectives). So, whats the major difference? Each picture shows a completely different set of lights! One picture features our standard halogen bulbs, the other is a picture of our LED bulbs.

Still can’t tell a difference? Well, thats just the point this blog is trying to make. This week, we set out to clear up the top three misconceptions that surround LED lighting.

LED Copper path light

LED copper path light – A great example of the beauty and efficiency of LED lights
  1. LED Lights Look Unnatural– The biggest myth out there is that LED lights give off a artificial color of light. Some people have seen LEDs that give off an unappealing or blueish color light (think of car headlights). Sadly, some LEDs do look unnatural, but most of those lights utilize a cheap low quality bulb. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we only use LED lights with Cree-chip technology, which is the highest quality light available on the market today. As you can see in the pictures, our LED lights give off the same color temperature and effect that people love in our halogen bulbs. We work hard to ensure that all of our lights deliver a natural glow, giving your house our signature warm, inviting, elegant, and romantic look.
  1. LED Lights Are Weak– Another popular misconception is that LED lights cannot light up large structures or outdoor spaces well. It is true that LEDs use a much lower wattage bulb than their halogen counterparts. For example, a 35 watt halogen bulb is effectively replaced by a 5 watt LED bulb. But, by using the right kind of technology, the LED light output will not suffer at all. One of our LED fixtures can light up a 75-80 ft oak tree with ease. Our company has invested a lot in research and development to create custom fixtures and reflectors that make LEDs as effective as their halogen alternatives. Need more proof? Again, in the picture above, the same exact number of lights and bulbs are used in each photograph. Still can’t tell a difference? Exactly my point…
  1. LED Lights Are Too Expensive – Many people wrongly believe that the up-front costs of LED lighting will eliminate any savings LED lights might bring. But, this is not necessarily true. Since LED lights are 85% more efficient than standard halogen bulbs, you will quickly notice a savings on your utility bills. This also means that you can run your lights as long as you want without worrying about the cost. Also, our LED lights are warrantied for twice as long (2 yrs on all LED bulbs) as our standard halogen bulbs, giving us the best warranty in the business*. Lastly, an LED lighting system increases the value and appeal of your home if/when you decide to sell. For all of the reasons listed above, many of our customers find that their LED lights pay for themselves in no time.

We hope this short list has cleared up some of your questions about LED lights. If you are ready to give LEDs a chance, or just have some more questions you want to ask, you can reach us at (706) 690-4326 in Augusta or (706) 484-9711 in Lake Oconee. If you would like some more examples of our work, you can also visit our website to look through some of our favorite Augusta outdoor lighting photos.

Happy Holidays,

Pat Otis, President

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Lake Oconee

Pat & Karen Otis with a baby

*A word of warning – Some outdoor lighting companies claim their LED bulbs will last 10 years, but we have not found this to be true. If they do honor their warranty, it usually involves a cumbersome process of sending back the fixtures, waiting six weeks, and re-installing the lights yourself. The convenience, reliability, and longevity of our warranty are more reasons why using Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the best choice in the long run.