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Lighting Augusta's Amazing Features

When you think about lighting your outdoor living spaces, there are many outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to illuminate your landscaping, home, pool, garden and deck. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta offers beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures for all of these applications. And, we can go one step further in enhancing the beauty of your spaces with outdoor focal lighting.

Tree with focal lighting

Focal Lighting highlights the best attributes of your property

Perhaps you have a beautiful crepe myrtle tree that would come to life with the proper lighting. An enchanting gazebo out back yearns to be used throughout the evening when properly lit. A glowing arbor can be a cozy invitation to your guests drawing them into your backyard safely.

Focal lighting can highlight all the best attributes of your property. Our beautiful copper and brass spot and flood lights turn special features into amazing focal points washing soft, warm light on uniquely shaped trees, arbors, outdoor sculptures, fountains and signs.

Our spotlights are ideal for down lighting from the majestic trees surrounding your home. Two or more can be used at different levels to mimic natural moonlight. You can up-light a wall, arbor or archway with a broad stroke of pure white light. Our wall-posted sconce can act as both an up-light and a down-light, and is frequently used to create stunning effects in gazebos and arbors.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Our outdoor lighting designers are here to help you enhance every area of your yard. It’s as easy as giving us a call.

If you can dream it, we can light it. Let us show you how.

Patrick Otis

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta
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