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Experience the Best in Outdoor Lighting

Let’s be honest – when it comes to outdoor lighting, there are many options out there on the market today. But, not every option is equal. If you’re at a loss on where to begin, we’d like to offer some help in finding the best outdoor lighting for your home and outdoor spaces.

First, remember that you get what you pay for. We encourage all of our potential customers to compare the features and benefits of our products with our competition. We know that people will see that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures you can buy. When you hold our products, you can feel the heft of the heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant metals we use. Every wire, fixture and bulb we use has undergone extensive development, field testing, and the highest quality of manufacturing. The proof is in the details: corrosion-proof fixtures, the thickest wire used in the outdoor lighting industry and bulbs that deliver the most efficient, natural, and lasting effect available on the market today.

Well lighted house with reflection seen on water

Second, don’t settle for generic design. While other lighting companies simply ‘plug-n-play’ their generic lighting design into each and every home they light, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee always creates a custom lighting plan for every property we light. We know that great outdoor lighting is all about creating custom a design to showcase the unique features of your home, and we offer the artistry needed to enhance the unique architecture, trees, and water features of your property with the best lighting design in the business. Best of all, our free demonstration offers a preview of how your home will look before you make a purchase.

Third, consider experience and expertise. There are many ‘fly by night’ outdoor lighting operations out there today. We have seen many of these companies come and go over the years, but we are still here…because our business is built to last. We have been designing outdoor lighting systems in the Augusta and Lake Oconee areas longer than anyone else in the CSRA. We have the experience that comes from 13 years of practice and troubleshooting. Our 13 years in the business has also given us the expertise required to enhance the southern architectural styles and native foliage found in our area. When you use us, your installation and service will be done by our own licensed, fully-insured and professionally-trained outdoor lighting technicians.

Fourth, research service options. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Lake Oconee, you receive one year of maintenance FREE with your full-service outdoor lighting system installation. Additional service plans are available after your first year, including our Annual Maintenance Plan that keeps your system looking as good as the day it was installed. Our customers’ homes are our best advertisements, so we value having your system look its very best at all times.

Fifth, compare the guarantees. Outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to the elements 365 days a year so guarantees are very important. Our outdoor lighting is backed by some of the strongest guarantees in the industry covering your fixtures, transformers, bulbs, and everything in between. There may be other companies out there offering warranties that sound similar to ours, but you won’t find any business with the longevity, experience, and product lines comparable to ours. We take pride in our reputation, so you know that a guarantee with us is something you can count on.

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Pat Otis, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Lake Oconee