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Community Spotlight - Tri-Augusta Triathlon Club

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we strive to be a business that gives back to our CSRA community. We believe that everyone prospers when local organizations consciously support the people and places that support them. The Tri-Augusta Club is one of these kind of groups.

Tri-Augusta Club logo

Tri-Augusta Club

You may know that a great event is happening in our community this weekend – the Augusta Half-Marathon. You may not know that Augusta is developing reputation for being a national exercise hot-spot. Tri-atheletes from all over the world come to Augusta for events like the Half Iron Man and the Half Marathon. The Tri-Augusta Club is a big part of this.

The Tri-Augusta Club is a great local resource for people who love to exercise. They regularly host regular training exercises and social events. At Tri-Augusta, you can find an exercise coach, training partners, or simply just a group of friends who like to live an active lifestyle. Best of all, the Tri-Augusta Club is open to anyone, from the 5k newbie to the Kona veteran.

Gru Augusta logo

Half as Long – Twice As Cool

I have personally benefitted so much from being part of the Tri-Augusta Club and I want others to experience what has been so helpful to me. So, I have decided to help raise awareness and involvement in this important organization by donating prizes for a raffle to be held at the Half Marathon this Sunday. The Tri-Augusta Club will have a tent set-up at the race and the raffle will be giving away 5 $25.00 gift certificates to local restaurants. So, if you are running the Half-Marathon this weekend, or are simply interested in swimming, running or biking, stop on by and meet some folks who are interested in the same.

Pat Otis running a marathon

Running the Augusta Half Marathon

For more information on Tri-Augusta, you can email (, check out the webpage, or find them on Facebook and Twitter. Best of all, you can swing the our tent at the Half-Marathon this Sunday.

Hope to see you all there. Happy Half-Marathon,

Pat Otis, President

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