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Augusta Tree Lighting for Magic and Elegance

Nothing beats the magic of a long southern tree lined driveway. Creating a magical effect that brings us back to the days of horse drawn carriages and long hot afternoons sipping sweet tea on the front porch. Extend the magic of your southern trees into the night, with tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta. Whether you’ve got the long tree lined driveway or a few Crepe Myrtles and a Japanese Maple tucked into your landscaping, we have just the right outdoor lighting technique to bring your tree to life when the sun goes down.

Tree lit up by ground lights

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference

Shining a light on a tree trunk is not the same as applying professional tree lighting to your Southern Oaks and Crepe Myrtles. An experienced lighting designer can light the whole tree, just right, accentuating every unique feature of that tree, from the bark on the trunk to the widest and highest branch. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting experts take the time and attention to find the best most original features in your trees, designing each tree’s lighting to enhance their specific details.

Types of Tree Lighting

There are basically two types of tree lighting. Many times you will hear the words “uplighting” and “down lighting”. These terms are specific types of lighting techniques that are used in a broad array of outdoor lighting applications. When it comes to tree lighting we call them “canopy lighting” and “moon lighting”.

Canopy lighting is a special technique where we shine a light up into the tree from the ground below. Depending on the tree we may use a wide wash to reach the outter edges of an especially wide canopy, or we may send a narrower beam to highlight the height of a particularly tall and textured trunk. Sometimes we use one uplight to achieve canopy lighting, but if the tree is large enough we could use several outdoor lighting fixtures to achieve the desired effect.

Moon lighting is named after the desired outcome of the technique. When done properly, moonlighting results in a gentle cast of silvery light that shines down through the tree’s branches, mimicking the natural moonlight. To achieve moonlighting we climb up in the tree and hang lights that shine down from carefully selected branch(es). Moon lighting is a great way to illuminate sitting areas, landscape accents and pathways with a subtle soft glow. An added benefit of moon lighting is the magic that is created by the tree’s unique shadows that dance along the ground.

Elegance with Augusta Tree Lighting

Front of a house with a tree on the property that is lit up

With tree lighting the object is to highlight the outdoor living space around the tree or accent the tree itself without anyone ever even noticing the lighting fixture itself. There is no silver bullet when it comes to tree lighting, every tree is unique and every tree lighting application requires a custom designed carefully planned outdoor lighting installation. A magnolia tree for instance, requires a narrow focused light to penetrate through the dense leaves, while a willow tree can be properly lit with a wide angle wash of light. The twisted Spanish moss covered limbs of a Pin Oak could benefit from both canopy lighting and moon lighting. Smaller more decorative trees such as Crepe Myrtles and Japanese Maples are an outdoor lighting favorite for their unique wide spread canopy and gorgeous coloring; benefiting greatly from a wide wash of uplight cast into the canopy from the ground.

Every tree has its own exceptional feature that we cannot wait to highlight for you. With more than 15 years of working in the CSRA, we are your best choice for landscape lighting and tree lighting in the area. Call today for a complimentary custom nighttime lighting demonstration (706) 690-4326.