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Illuminate Your Columbus Trees this Fall

Fall may be time for eating pumpkins, fire pit nights, and raking leaves, but did you know it’s also time to take care of your trees? Whether you are considering planting or trimming, fall is the best time to do this work in Columbus. Why? With dropping temperatures, tree sap moves more slowly. Trimmed trees will have more time to heal without “bleeding out” too much sap, and with the insect population decreasing, trees are less likely to become infested by bugs drawn to plant juices. This just makes it less stressful on the tree. Planting in the fall is also less stressful for new trees. New growth slows considerably in the fall, so by planting during this time, the tree has more time to adjust to its new location before it uses its energies to grow again in the spring. While you are hard at work tending your trees and planting new ones, remember that now is also the perfect time to showcase them with Columbus landscape lighting.

Tree Lighting

Why would you want to illuminate your trees when you plant and tend them? Because, chances are, you don’t particularly enjoy chaos on your property. Like any other home or landscaping improvement, planting and tending trees can get a bit messy. There are limbs and leaves strewn across the lawn. Holes are being dug, and depending on the size of the trees you are planting, you may even need earth moving equipment present to dig out your tree’s new home. Now, consider what happens when outdoor lighting is installed. Trenches must be dug for wiring. Components are strewn across the lawn, and technicians are busy working. By scheduling tree lighting installation when you are already working with your trees, you won’t extend the process.

Tree Lighting

Ensuring your new trees, and the older ones you have tended, are visible after dark enhances your property. Even if those trees are deciduous and have already lost their leaves before you plant them, their branches and bark will bring beautiful form and texture to your landscape in the evening this fall and winter. Emphasize their form with tree lighting. Most of the tree lighting we do at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus utilizes well lights, spotlights, and up lighting techniques. These fixtures and techniques create beautiful, dramatic shadowing and highlights. Our designers will work with you to pinpoint ideal fixture placement, and our technicians will set your lights in just the right spot. By working with our established company, you will get the most beautiful lighting design and the highest quality fixtures and components to showcase your trees.

So call us today. Having beautiful trees, night or day, is easier than you think. You’ll see why using Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus is easier than doing tree lighting yourself or using a general contractor. The experience of a seasoned outdoor lighting company using the highest quality products is a difference you can see. Don’t wait. Your trees will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself. You can reach us by calling (614) 877-8937, email us at or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!