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10 Perks a Pathway Lighting Installer in Galena, OH Can Give Your Home

You may be decorating your house with lights galore this holiday season, but does your property lack the most basic lights of all? Garden path lights are the most common type of landscape lighting for homes in America. They’re a small investment with big returns and exceptional advantages for upscale homeowners.

Path Lighting

Here are ten perks a pathway lighting installer in Galena, OH can provide you and your home.

  1. Curb Appeal:
    Unlike outdoor holiday lighting, pathway lights stay all year and create a “wow” factor from the moment your home enters into view.
  2. Enhanced Value:
    Increased curb appeal translates into a boost in your home’s selling price because of a higher perceived value by prospective buyers.
  3. Increased Safety:
    Pathway lights are excellent at illuminating the ground beneath your feet so family and visitors alike can avoid tripping and falling over otherwise unseen obstacles.
  4. Decreased Appeal for Burglars:
    Pathway lights are to burglars what sunlight is to a vampire. These lights expose crooks when they’d much rather be hiding.
  5. Protection of the Landscape:
    You’ve put so much into your landscape to make it the beauty it is. Keep visitors off your grasses and plants by corralling their feet, especially in limited visibility conditions.
  6. Added Usability of Outdoor Space:
    Pathway lights provide another area where guests and family can meander during social events.
  7. Spotlight on Prized Garden Plants:
    Pathway lights shine a light on beautiful low-lying plants so others can appreciate their gorgeousness as they walk to or around your home.
  8. Extension of Your Welcome:
    Like a good host, outdoor path lights greets your guests even before you’ve had a chance to. They also beckon them to come inside your home.
  9. The Right Mood:
    By increasing ambient lighting, path lights create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening.
  10. Guided Tours:
    The luminous wandering paths around your home can take your guests on a journey to points of interests in your gardens and around your landscape.

To find out how quickly Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can bring your Galena, OH home’s pathways to life after dark, call us today at (614) 877-8937 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!