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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus Makes Water Features Shine

Nothing is quite as calming as the sound of water. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, a river, or a creek, the movement of water helps us forget our worries and stress, and that is good for us mentally and physically. Because of all the benefits water brings, many homeowners choose to add water features in their Waterfalls are enhanced in Columbus with outdoor lighting backyard. Having a pond or waterfall gives you the benefit of sitting on the shore without having to leave your Columbus neighborhood. If you are the owner of such a water feature, I’m sure you have spent many weekend afternoons relaxing nearby with your favorite drink. As beautiful as water features are during the day, they take on a magical, elegant mood at night, and the best way to bring out these characteristics is with underwater and landscape lighting.

Waterfall Lighting

Lighting water features is an art for us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. After assessing your feature, we will know where to place lights so Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus garden lightingthey bring out the natural beauty of the water. Many of the water features in our area are koi ponds. Our underwater pond lights create an enchanting glow within the pond and invite you to take a deep breath and a moment to relax. Crafted from heavy, cast brass, these lights do not move once set, and high quality gaskets keep them sealed and watertight, so you can have confidence that this beautiful scene will be long-lasting.

Waterfall and Pond Lighting

Taking the setting one step further, a waterfall makes the scene especially beautiful. Recently, we did a job for a client who had put in a moving creek. The creek contained flat stone and many river rocks, and the levels created beautiful sound and wonderful opportunities to illuminate its tumbling water. When lighting a waterfall or a feature such as this creek, it is important to highlight the cascading water as well, without overpowering it. If the lighting is too bright, the water turns bright white, but a well-lit waterfall glimmers and glows with warm, golden rays. When lighting waterfalls, we typically use spotlights outside of the falls, possibly even behind them. This allows light rays to catch in the water, which in turn glistens and shines.

With a combination of pond lights and spotlights, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus will make your water feature the most relaxing place in your backyard, and just as with all of our outdoor lighting, you are assured the best quality and workmanship in the business. So call us today if you are ready to really make your water feature shine.