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Pathway Lighting: The Low-Cost, Big-Impact Home Renovation Solution!

Are you thinking of potentially selling your home? Have you been wanting to do so for a while but have decided to wait until the market was better? Are you thinking of putting your home for sale in the Spring? If so, then 2019 is your year! Take advantage of the current seller’s market as it’s predicted 2020 will be all about the buyer.

Pathway Lighting

There are plenty of things you can do to make your home more appealing in a crowded housing market. Unfortunately, many of them, like a kitchen or bath remodel, cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you recoup your investment when you sell, it can be hard or inconvenient to come up with the large sums needed to finance these projects. There are other, less expensive home and property additions, like pathway lighting, that will increase curb appeal and your home’s listing price.

Pathway lighting in Powell, OH will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

We know first impressions are everything, and anyone visiting your home during the day or night will be star struck from the moment your house pulls into view, thanks to your well-designed pathway lighting scheme. During the day, visitors will surely admire how to put together your home looks from the outside, and once the sun sets, they’ll be enchanted with the magical glow of your path lighting that carries them to your front door or throughout your backyard.

Pathway Lighting at night

But although pathway lighting in Powell, OH is one of the most common types of outdoor lighting, few can match Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ professional design and installation. It’s one thing to place lights haphazardly across your front and backyard, and it’s another to create a professionally-installed custom pathway lighting design solution with that takes into consideration lighting and shadows, color temperature, and placement of fixtures in comparison to your house and property.

Bring your walkways and pathways to life after dark with increased safety and beauty! Contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you soon!