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Take Your Property from Drab to Fab with a Landscape Lighting Designer in Delaware, OH

Having landscape lights haphazardly placed on your property is one thing, and having your landscape lights custom designed and installed by a landscape lighting designer in Delaware, OH, is something completely different!

Rather than subpar lighting schemes that barely do the job, your front and backyard can become a magical evening oasis that extends your backyard space, welcomes guests to your home long before you’ve opened the door, and allows you to spend more time enjoying family and friends. It also enhances your curb appeal, builds a safer environment and even saves you money by using energy-efficient bulbs.

Pathway Lighting

Why Choose Us as Your Landscape Lighting Designer in Delaware, OH?

If you want to get more light into your backyard, any old spotlight will do. But many of us don’t want that in our yards because while they’re functional, they’re not practical—or let’s face it—lovely to look at.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, our landscape lighting architects have the experience and know-how to bring to life your vision for your property. And, they’ll bring all elements together so that it matches your existing decor if that’s what you want, or upgrades it to a new look instead.

Waterfall Lighting

Our landscape lighting designer in Delaware, OH also considers much more than where to place lights and the type of lights you need. They take into account the light’s angle, spacing, height, depth, illumination levels and more. When these elements work in sync with each other, they come together to create your personal paradise.

Pond Lighting

Landscape lighting will add beauty, extended usability of your outdoor living spaces and so much more! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus at (614) 877-8937 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!