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3 Keys to Sprucing Up Your Columbus, OH, Landscape Lighting this Summer

Summer is just about in full swing in Columbus, and landscape lighting is our number one focus for these next few weeks. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind as you spruce up your yard this season to really show off all the beautiful flowers and foliage around your home at night with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus.

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Take a step back and take note of how your landscaping enhances your home’s overall look. Consider which areas require their own spotlights, and which work best as part of the larger picture. An intricate statue or piece of outdoor artwork, for example, might require its own accent lighting to really show off your favorite features, while blooming plants and professionally shaped shrubbery look their best illuminated by flood lights from a distance. You should also consider which landscaping features may cast unflattering shadows on your house depending on where you place each outdoor lighting fixture, and how those landscaping features may grow and change over time, requiring more maintenance for your Columbus outdoor lighting.

landscape lighting

Sweat the Details

Pick out which of your favorite landscaping pieces you really want to show off, and make sure we shine a spotlight on them. Is one of your favorite flowers in bloom for only a couple of months out of the year? We can help you plan for seasonal changes with strategic placements and frequent updates to your system. When it comes to getting your Columbus landscape lighting right – we always sweat the details.

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Keep it Connected

Your landscaping is part of what ties your whole house and yard together – keep it all connected and don’t let it get lost in the shadows at night by installing simple, subtle path lighting to guide guests’ attention exactly where you want it. Plus, as an added bonus, this type of Columbus landscape lighting offers a higher level of safety and security, ensuring your guests can walk safely around your yard without worrying about stumbling in the dark.

Call now to learn even more about Columbus landscaping lighting, and schedule your installation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today. You can reach us at (614) 877-8937, or feel free to fill out our contact form anytime. We look forward to hearing from you soon!