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Looking to Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting System to LED? We Make the Transition Easy!

Retrofitting your old outdoor lighting fixtures and turning them into LED fixtures is now possible. You can now upgrade to a more energy-efficient, longer lasting low-voltage LED outdoor lighting system without purchasing a completely new system.

An outdoor lighting system is undoubtedly a great investment. By retrofitting your home’s fixtures to LED, you get to keep the investment you made in your existing fixtures. You also make an investment in energy savings and a longer lasting outdoor lighting system.

led retrofitting uplighting on home

We can retrofit nearly 95% of our own outdoor lighting fixtures and can, more often than not, retrofit other lighting systems. We would be happy to come and evaluate your current system for an LED retrofit upgrade.

Making the transition from traditional halogen lighting to LED is a straight forward process. We simply remove the internal components of your current fixtures and replace them with new LED internal components and lamps. Once we arrive at your home to complete the retrofitting of your fixtures, we also provide other system analysis and maintenance.

outdoor led path lighting

We will address any issues with exposed wiring, check your transformer to adjust the voltage, adjust your timers, and review any new lighting options that may be available to you. Retrofitting to LED carries a three-year warranty on the lamps themselves. If you would prefer, we also provide a completely optional lifetime warranty on your entire system with a yearly checkup by our technicians at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus.

One of the more notable facts about converting from traditional halogen lighting to LED is that you can drastically reduce the amount of energy exerted on your outdoor lighting. Also, the lifetime of a retrofitted outdoor LED lighting system is exponentially greater than that of a traditional halogen lighting system.

outdoor led lighting system on a home

For example, a homeowner that has 12 lighting fixtures operating at 35 watts per fixture is using 420 watts of energy. If we retrofitted that exact same system to LED, we could achieve the exact same lighting effect overall and the level of brightness using a mere 60 watts. By retrofitting to LED, you can save money on energy and significantly extend the life of your outdoor lighting system. You can always contact us by calling us at (614) 877-8937 or by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!