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Your Outdoor Lighting Experts in Gahanna, Ohio

If your Gahanna, OH home nearly disappears after dark, then we have the perfect solution – professional and custom-designed outdoor lighting. Rather than arriving to a dreary and dormant home after dark, outdoor lighting will bring your home to life with subtle, inviting illumination that will cause your home to take on a new, gorgeous persona after dark. We’ve been designing custom-tailored outdoor lighting systems in Gahanna, OH, and surrounding areas for nearly two decades. Make the smart choice and claim your 100% free outdoor lighting consultation today by calling us at (614) 877-8937.

professional outdoor lights

Prior to installing a new lighting system for this newly constructed home, it really felt like you were in the middle of nowhere, completely disconnected from the outside world. The home is just a few miles from the city, but being out in the more rural area of Gahanna made the property darker than usual. We were able to create the perfect design to accentuate the home’s beauty while also making its driveway and surrounding foliage more visible, thereby increasing the curb appeal after dark. Now these homeowners arrive to a welcoming wash of illumination once the sun has set.

custom designed outdoor lights

It’s very important to note that adding outdoor lighting to the backyard can be just as, if not more, important as illuminating the front of your home. More often than not, lighting for your backyard is more focused on the extension of the usability of your outdoor living areas. If you have a back patio or deck that you love, but seem to find unnerving after dark, we have the perfect solution. No matter how complex your outdoor living area’s lighting design is, you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

So, for custom-designed outdoor lighting in Gahanna, Ohio, rely on the local experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. We offer a 100% free outdoor lighting design consultation and there’s no obligation, whatsoever. So, reach out to us anytime by calling us at (614) 877-8937 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!