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Unique Naples Homes Demand Unique Outdoor Lights

Distinct. Your home is like you. You invest time, money, and hard work into making your property stand out in your neighborhood. It is elegant and refined and very atypical. Distinct is good, but because you do things your way, “normal” may not always work when it comes to your home improvements. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is introducing a new lighting fixture to our line, and like your home, it is not everyday or run of the mill. The BB-02 LED stick light is a unique fixture for a unique property, and for this reason, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we are very excited about its possibilities. The fixture is used to create dramatic uplighting. Though it can be used in a variety of ways, it was developed for use in landscape lighting, specifically for areas with large amount of ground cover. Crafted from the highest quality copper, the BB-02 will, over time, develop a patina finish, which is fashionable and causes the fixture to blend into its surroundings.

Since each property is different, outdoor lighting designers need options for all types of spaces. The BB-02 stick light is an excellent light to use in tight or restricted spaces, and the stick mount gives versatility for installation. Even though the fixture is small, it is remarkably powerful, emitting a bright light that provides the best illumination. The detail and beauty of gardens and landscaped areas will stand out under the illumination of this outdoor lighting fixture.

Light FixtureNot only is the fixture versatile with an uncanny ability to produce powerful light, it is also extremely energy efficient. The BB-02 is an LED light, so it is easy on the wallet while it consistently bathes your property in bright, natural light. And don’t forget, because they consume less energy, LED lights are much gentler to the environment too.

The BB-02 may well be the perfect light for the most unique part of your property. The designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples have many years of experience creating the optimal lighting system for each home. Each design is tailored so that the best features of your property bask in a warm glow that incites enchantment and drama.

If you are ready to highlight the best of your property, no matter your property’s restraints or demands, call us today.

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