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A Hidden Naples Retreat in Your Own Backyard Made Possible with Outdoor Lighting

It’s time. You’ve had your nose to the grindstone for far too long and you deserve a rest. Vacationing is on your mind, but before you browse through those flashy pamphlets, take a moment and think. You can spend copious amounts of money running off to a strange place to pursue relaxation, dealing with unknown circumstances and hoards of people, or you can simply turn your own backyard into a private getaway. After all, we have the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor oasis in our area, so why hesitate? Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we want to show you how you can avoid the hustle and bustle of overpriced vacations and create the most entrancing, relaxing outdoor living space you’ve ever seen.

Picture your yard. Envision the well-kept pool, the neatly trimmed trees, and the finely mowed lawn. Things of beauty you’ve worked hard to establish. Now, picture them with outdoor lighting. Copper path lights softly illuminate the way from your backdoor into your yard on a warm summer’s night. Their light is subtle yet strong, providing safety and structure. They guide you easily to the pool area where several fixtures have been set. They light around the water making it look memorizing and could rival the look of any commercial pool around the world. The glow is bright enough to lightly bathe the entire area surrounding it without overpowering. The scene is completely soothing. But your home won’t let your pool area take the entire spotlight. Against its exterior, floodlights wash the home walls and bring out the stunning texture. Shadows create striking contrast that keep your eyes entertained for hours. If you can pull your eyes away from them for a moment, the trees in your yard are begging for your attention.  Well lights beam upward and turn your trees into creative pieces of art. The up lighting effect is breathtaking! Every fixture is expertly placed and creates the most illustrious atmosphere in your own backyard.

Pool LightingNow, complete the picture by adding yourself. The ambiance is perfectly set with landscape lighting and all you have to do is enjoy it. Your yard has gone from a simple space to an outdoor oasis. There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a fleeting weekend trip when you could put that money towards a more enduring treat. Naples outdoor lighting will withstand for years to come, making sure your yard-turned-retreat can be enjoyed whenever you desire.

Bring that relaxing vision to life and give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call at 239-263-9975. We will come to your home and demonstrate exactly what we can do to help you transform it. You’ll be stunned at what we can do. So toss the pamphlets into the trash and take a look out your window. That’s where your next vacation is going to be. And your next, and your next, and your next.(239) 970-9554